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Future Volvo XC90 and other Volvo updates teased at Concept Coupe press conference

Looks like Volvo is set on this look being the face of the brand, and quickly. The XC90 has been teased at the press event for the Concept Coupe, showing some significant details.


Personally I think the XC90 wears the new design better than the Concept Coupe, and looks more traditionally Volvo.

Also, it looks like some name changes are to be in order, as the V70 and S80 are going to their 1998 names of V90 and S90, respectively. Is the V90 going to be like the V60, that is, normal wagon while the XC is the higher crossover version, a la XC60? The new models are set to be on-sale next year at the earliest.


Finally, the infotainment is getting an overhaul across the brand as new versions are released, with a single simplified UI across the board.


Thanks to the Swedish site feber.se for the info. Original site (untranslated). Translation (Bing). Translation (google)

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