There is no stuffing the worms back in the can.

Under car, replacing bits in the front suspension - lift engine to clear a bolt, and discover motor mount is sheared. Add to list. Notice drip on front crossmember, radiator damaged at trans cooler lines. Add to list. Replacing U-joints, rear shocks and rear trans seal are toast. Fix seal, add shocks to list. Replace trans vacuum actuator, governor seal is leaking, add to list.

Immediately before all this, tried to start car to bring it in, starter solenoid stuck. Added to list no actually, replaced immediately, because that can’t be allowed to continue.

Previously, tried to time engine, discovered bad vacuum advance. Tried to time again, discovered harmonic balancer had shifted. Rebuilt carb, failed to note that Ford Wacky Plastic float had apparently added density, so now have to replace float or continue to see gas seeping back to the tank through the float valve and periodic flooding.

Replaced front seal, probably still leaking oil from somewhere. Replaced balancer.


Will the new balancer solve the oil leak *and* get things timed right? Will the new float make it possible to start after sitting more than a day? Or will new and exciting (and improbable) failures continue to crop up? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile the Wacky Fun Wobbly Crank setup on the front suspension has been tightened up (at least for now), and I’m going to tie the two sides together.


I’d have been able to rebuild it to factory tightness perfectly if such a thing as a 15/16"ID/1-1/16"OD bushing stock existed. It does not.