it’s been three days since I traded my Subaru for this 87 Cherokee Pioneer. Let’s go through a list of what I’ve found already.

  • flashers, Cigarette lighter, are all on the same fuse and sometimes will freeze up when I plug in my phone also causing the brake light to stay on. and losing the function of my turn signals. Hazards work fine
  • Heat blows like the Savanna and air is functional.
  • Front drivers window can not be rolled all the way down without getting stuck. solution: i don’t roll the window further than 4/5's
  • My Odometer is stuck on 500 miles and I can’t calculate MPG... Which might be a good thing, but disappointing nonetheless.
  • idles a bit funky when cold, but i just figured it needs a tuneup.

when I get the chance I’m going to post some detailed pictures. I’m already posting videos on my Podcast’s Facebook page: FSFL. ask me anything you want to know.