Jaguar XJ Supersports are Under $25,000

The relatively-stealthy 2011-2013 Jaguar XJ Supersport is still one of my dream sedans. The AJ-V8 is severely underappreciated, whether it’s aspirations are natural or forced, and the Supersport offers up 510 hp, ride and handling that makes you realize that the Panamera had room to improve, and about the same issues you find on the supercharged V6 XJs so you might as well go ballistic barge at a bargain, baby!


Here is a prrrrurple 2011 XJ Supersport with under 54,000 miles on it listed at $22,999. I would only be able to pull this off on Sunday mornings in a suit that makes Steve Harvey’s wardrobe look modest, but someone out there must be more fly than this guy.

Here is a grrrray 2011 XJ Supersport with under 38,000 miles is listed at $23,995. Much more subtle with the purple liner and console accents. This is one I could pull up to church in. Just call me Christian Gray! ...err, wait a minute...


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