Just gonna start today with a bore selfie. Why is it sideways? Because kinja. That’s why.

2 days in and I’m tired of looking at this thing already. Go figure. Today was 99% cleaning stuff up and taking some more stuff off. Engine is basically just a block with some pistons stuffed in it at the moment. Camshaft came out, the other head came off. Got all the mating surfaces on the block cleaned off and spent FOR EVER cleaning gunk off of this thing. This is the dirtiest motor I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Brake cleaner, degreaser, and a stiff brush did little more than just smear the mess around. Eventually a wire wheel on a drill flung most of it off the engine and all over the garage, so that was fun.

Went to the car wash with a truck full of parts and more degreaser and power washed them. Check out the shine on those valve covers!


The oil pan looked like it had bedliner on it but it was just accumulated grime and oil... ew. Much better now. Also did some misc brackets and the timing chain cover.


Organization is key. One of the pushrods is toast so I’ll need to replace that and buy approximately four gallons of assembly lube.

Not perfect but a heck of a lot better than it was. Might paint this black. Silver kinda sucks to keep clean-ish.


At this point we wanted to clean off the mating surface for the oil pan so we flipped the engine over and half of the hydraulic flat tappet lifters we forgot were still in the engine fell out, which had me feeling this kind of way.

askefhasloeifjalsdjfFUCK guess I’m buying new lifters now.