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XL Family Wagon - Oppinions Needed

Any of you have experience with either of the following trucks (SUVs) pictured below? The lease on our minivan is up in a few months and want to pay cash for our next family rig. Right now I’m liking the GMT900 Suburban 2500 with the 6.0V8 or the Yukon Denali XL - power is king here. I won’t tow heavy, but power matters, MPG not so much. Needs to seat 7-8 and have some cargo space. 4x4 would be nice, if only for resale value and the occasional off road outing.

I’m considering the Expedition/Navigator twins, but haven’t driven them or know much about expected reliability.

Oppo, what full-size would you shop for in the $10-15k price range? I’m at the South end of Utah, but could shop in AZ and California if the deal is right.  I would consider other makes and models as well.


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