If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Xterra it is!

I’ve been searching for a second vehicle for a while now. After scouring my past Oppo posts looking for a Doggo pic it hit me!

The Xterra!


That’s with 32x11.50 tires on Pathy wheels with a poor man’s lift. What did I hit? Might have been a Civic. She was stone stock until the “accident”.

Here she is on 35x12.50s on Pathy wheels.


Long distance Blackberry pic. This was after a “poor man’s lift”, a 2" body lift and some sawzalling of the plastics/sheet metal.



The nose was a bit stiff with the cranked up torsion bars but she’d go through anything I pointed her at.

Finding one with a 5 speed is a real PITFA!

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