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How long can these things last? 300K miles? 400K miles? These are the last of the great ones or something, right? My mom’s car, a “J” VIN model with well under 100K miles, and just a little Camry dent low on the front corner (mom claims she has no idea how this happened). Getting to the point where clean ones are becoming less common, as their durability attracts neglectful owners. Pictured with the wagon and the neighbor’s brappy A4 with a rock magnet cooling system and no apparent exhaust system.


I drove the Camry today, it’s funny how it feels kind of old compared to a car from the past couple years. No cameras, no assists, no gadgets - the CD player and moonroof were a big deal back in the day.  It’s soft and somewhat numb, just what the customer wants.   


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