My wife is 13 weeks pregnant. My son is just shy of three-years-old. They both have the stomach virus. My son threw up ALL night Friday night, every hour or so. Couldn’t keep anything down. My wife started feeling sick last night at 10:00-ish and then threw up every 45 minutes through the night. She eventually became so weak/dehydrated that she almost passed out. I had to rush her to the emergency room at 4:30 this morning. Now, my son is throwing up again and I’m missing about 10 important work meetings, adding to my stress. Not that that matters in the grand scheme of things. It’s just one more thing I have to deal with.

Fingers crossed and prayers sent that I don’t get whatever crap this is. Last time they both got it, I managed to escape unscathed. Hoping that holds true again.🤞As of now, the only ones not puking our guts up are me and the dog. 😐🐶


Have a Highlander photo. It was our 4:30 A.M. speedy ER shuttle.

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