Or a dead shift knob anyway. This bastard put up a valiant fight, I’ll give it that, but ultimately I’m afraid the strain was more than it could bear.

You see that cut line going right up into the blue part? That’s the one that finally killed it. I thought I could just cut away the bottom, but the lever was so far up in there I practically had to cut the knob in half.

They had put electrical tape around it and hammered it on, and I hate them for that. It’s not even a good knob! It’s uncomfortable and it’s ugly, why did they want that on there so badly? I don’t get it.


There’s my Chinesium $10 Amazon knob and boot. It’s total garbage, but it’s better garbage than what I had. I’ll likely pick up a GLI knob and boot and swap the six speed pattern for a 5 speed, but that’s not exactly an immediate need.

Tomorrow I head to the DMV to get this pile registered, and hopefully I’ll be driving it to work on Tuesday.