Y’all Want to See What 45lbs of Sockets Looks Like?

I went from having no 1/2 inch drive sockets to ALL OF THEM.

This is an 84 piece 1/2 drive socket set from Tekton, which is a smallish brand that I’m somewhat fond of. They seem to be a step above Harbor Freight, their screwdrivers and some pliers are made in America, and their stuff is generally quite good.


I was looking for a nice 1/2 drive set, because all the 1/2 drive sockets sets I found really weren’t much larger than my 3/8 drive stuff. My 3/8 drive tops out at 1 inch and 22mm, this set goes all the way to 1 5/16 and 32mm. Here’s what a 32mm deep socket looks like:

Big sumbitch. I don’t care about the ratchet (which is nice!) or the breaker bar, really. But for the price I paid they’re basically free.

Amazon sells this set for $195, and for $195 it’s a pretty nice damn set. When I was going to buy it they had two sets in their Warehouse Deals section, one in ‘like-new’ condition for $160 and one in merely ‘acceptable’ for $120. I took a chance on the acceptable one, hoping no pieces were missing, but in typical Amazon fashion they understated the condition. No missing pieces, it all looks new, one of the four latches on the case is missing.


I couldn’t care less about the case, because I picked up these beauties from Westling Machine:


Billet aluminum socket trays, $119 with sizes etched on them. Only problem is the studs aren’t magnetic, so I bought magnet discs that I’ll glue to the studs. I might have to pick up another one (they sell individual trays) for the really big 1/2 drive stuff, but it’s a pretty good setup that’ll work nice in my tool cart.

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