To celebrate getting my first job today, I've been looking at cars a grand or two upwards in the market from usual (wishful thinking). Every time I look at these, I see this. Kids in my school, always eager to learn what I'm onto next so that they can put it down and make themselves feel better about their dad's old hand-me-down Lincoln, see this. Normally, I could care less what other people say, especially about my car preference, but this time it's gotten to me. I've always been about owning something interesting, something crazy or with pedigree. I can't tell if that's what this is, or just a dressed-up econobox with no performance to back it's pretty looks.

Does anyone know someone who owns one who can voice their opinion on it? I'm most worried about the handling. Sloppy, lazy steering is a big no-no with me, and I love that feeling of trying to wedge myself in my own seat while taking a corner at decent speed.