Ya know... life's pretty good right now

I worked over the weekend and it looks like I’ll be working 50-60 hour weeks + weekends through January, but I really can’t complain. I’ve got 2 cars that work, have been having a great time on the new bike (it’s been almost 60° here all month), and my extra time at work hasn’t gone unnoticed (I’ve gotten two significant bonus checks this month). I could always nitpick, but things are going pretty damn well overall.

I still find the Miata and bike sharing a spot adorable.


My apartment is essentially a shrine to cars at this point.

Office gingerbread house decorating contest. I’m not great at decorating, so I just used a Wizard of Oz reference to compensate. It’s basically a Kansas cheat code.


Last but not least, I get to break up the increased workload with a long vacation starting on Thursday.


Driving the Trans Am from Wichita to O’Fallon, then riding in my parents Fusion for the rest. Luckily this isn’t all in one run there will be a couple days at each stop. Woooo I’m getting to take my dad to the Lane Museum.

Anyway, yeah, life’s good.

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