Yakima Cuisine & Enemy Promotion

When you travel, it is important to embrace the local culture.


They want you to eat the Miner burger, so I ordered the damn Miner burger. They apparently have not redecorated since 1987.

Today’s meetings were successful, as I did my thing. The best part was, an hour into the first meeting, they pulled me aside and showed me an email my pals from the UFW sent to Costco about how California’s most notorious union-busting attorney was in Yakima and dairy farmers were even meeting with this villanous cad! This monster apparently even brought his mean client who organized workers to vote the UFW out in the largest union election in California history. It was the greatest email I have ever seen and the best commercial the union could have made for me. Hey farmers, if you talk to me, the bully will tell the teacher on you.

It makes me happier than all the money I have made in my whole career to know that those assholes are afraid of me.

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