...I should feel insulted that most of you work in fields that net you six figure salaries, and still want to complain. It wasn’t until I was 34 that I entered the workforce seriously, and even then, my hearing impairment made me an extremely unappealing hire. I started at $13/hr in a dog treat factory and now make $16/hr at a medical instruments manufacturer as a CNC operator on night shift.

You all have functioning ears, and have the ability to communicate without the need for pen and paper, and you bring in salaries bigger than I can ever hope for in my entire lifetime...

And you still want to complain?

While some complaints are valid, especially in regards to how companies are dumber than that red-headed cousin that ate glue in elementary school, I still dislike the fact that there are people willing to sling around their salary like it’s a dick measuring contest.

I don’t care if y’all can program God’s penis into a Python string or make Unix do backflips while cursing Bill Gates’ name, or that you’ve held a career for 20+ years.

Spend a decade trying to merely get by in spite of society’s lack of desire for your existence, then I’ll take your complaints. Grab a number.