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Y'all got any decent laptop advice?

The old Asus K53TA I’m typing this out on is literally held together by tape. It’s taken an utter beating over the last 8 years and needs to be replaced. I want another Asus simply because this one has been through hell and back but it still works. Alas, I can’t stand having the charger held in by Duct Tape anymore.

I’m looking for something that would be a modern equivalent to the K53TA. Something for light to moderate gaming, but nothing serious (literally just like Beam NG, Automation & Wreckfest).


The basics of what I have now in the K53 are:

8GB DDR3 RAM with 1GB dedicated video memory, AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics card, 750GB hard drive, and a AMD Fusion APU A6-3400M processor.


That was pretty decent back in 2011 when I bought it, I’m just wondering what the modern equivalent is. I’ve fallen way behind in todays tech so I know nothing... Shoot me your recommendations!

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