Lets just say that there was a problem. The problem was not a major one but one that could affect certain services and, in the long run, become major. A problem nobody could solve, or at least nobody that had taken a swing at it could solve.

Somehow, for some reason, this problem ended up in my lap. Not as a problem, not even as an incident. It ended up in my lap as a task; an everyday item that should take little to no time to run. I didn't care to look at its parent request, or the big problem looming overhead; I just set myself to task.

I didn't know how many hands were in this pot. I didn't know how many departments it was affecting, or the average pay scale of the people that were watching it like hawks. I did quickly realize though that this task wasn't actually a task, but a thing. A thing for me to solve. In my world, the best types of things are the things that need to be solved. I was in my element!


I took a look at the initial problem - people could not properly communicate with this thing. Okay, let me check how the thing is connected to the place. Well, all the things that make the thing connect to the place look to be in good order. Next step, eh? Let's test to see if it is connecting to the place. Well I'm talking to it, and it's talking back, so obviously it's connecting to the plaWAIT A PRETTY LITTLE SEC HERE WHAT IS THIS?! It's connecting to the place, that much is obvious. But it's not connecting to the things that run the place! Righto, let's see what happens when I remove it from the place and put it back.

An hour of waiting later, I find that although it was removed from the place nicely, it refuses to go back. Curiouser and curiouser, I start poking around. Looking in the least obvious places for something that doesn't look right. After a little bit of prodding around, I found the problem. Not what looked like the problem, not something I could test, it was immediately certain to me that this is the problem I've been looking for. The instructions that are usually laid out for this thing to ask questions to other things when it can't find the answers itself, weren't there. Not only were they not there, but the thing had its ability to ask questions in general removed. I gave that back and gave it instructions on where to ask questions. Then I told [apparently everyone] that the problem was fixed. I didn't test, I didn't do a damn thing otherwise, just told 'em we're done here.

I was right. Problem solved. And that's why I'm the best.

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