This has to be the worst part ever put on a motorcycle. All it is is a cosmetic fairing that just covers up some internal bits (wires, fusebox and bits of frame mainly). It mounts through a hook and a bolt hole as you can see, and the hook is a real bitch and the bolt hole never lines up. I end up spending 20-30 minutes trying to knock it into alignment and praying that the bolt will catch thread. Then I just gave up, lost a hex wrench and at that point I was ready to throw the cover out the garage door (the bolt actually did go out, ain’t in a hurry to find it). I guess I’ll just ride with the side exposed.

The more I actually do garage work on Yamahas (now three, including my bro’s ike), the less I’m impressed with them (sorry Yamahog). These bikes are designed less for ease of maintenance and more for riding straight to the local Yamaha-authorized dealer which is lame as hell (the manual actually states that the means to do a battery change is to take it to the dealer). My next ride will definitely come from some other manufacturer.