I am now torn between the MT-10 and the new MT-09.



-that cross-plane engine note
-visually looks far meaner and more butch then the 09
-r1 suspension and brakes (albeit slightly modified)
-Cruise control!
-Physically a larger, more comfortable bike.

-its 15K up here
-there goes my rear tire budget
-and fuel...its only good up to 30mpg? dam

-3 cylinder motor. by god are they smooth and sound oh-so nice
- 42mpg!
-probably go through less rear tires.
-way cheaper then the mt-10

-its got almost 50hp LESS then the mt-10...
-everyone and their dog has one right now.
-Dunno what insurance will be, as everyone who bought it bought it to do dank whoolies. Helloooo high insurance rates.  
-suspension, while better than before, still isn’t great

I didn’t have the 09 on my radar before because frankly, the first generation SUCKED. Shitty suspension, shitty fuelling, no ABS, no electronics of any kind. All it had going for it was that motor and it was cheap.

For 2017 though, they have upped the ante,. the 09 gets better suspension, TCS, ABS, the motor gets retuned for better response and the generally bring up in spec.

What i still don’t like is that HP rating. If I’m going to dump a shit load of money on a new bike, I want it to have at LEAST 50 more HP then the SV. I want it to scare me. (yes yes yes, I know, I’m king squid, blah blah blah, I wrote this, blah blah blah. I get it. I want power. The liter bikes I rode over the summer have corrupted me.)

There IS a turbo kit for the first gens, but I don’t like it because A: bike and turbos generally don’t go well together, at least if you want to do corner carving) and B: I need this bike to last 100K km. Which I don’t see a boosted bike engine doing.

GAH. Dam it yamaha.

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