I’m camping in the yard with my kids. It’s literally a perfect summer night; it was above 80 today but now that the sun is down it’s quickly cooling, and will likely be 50 by morning. I’m sitting in a chair between the house and the tent with a gin and tonic and listening to the Red Sox via my laptop, so I figured I’d check Oppo, etc. and say ‘whats up’ so here we are.

My neighbors were inexplicably cutting down small saplings with a freaking chain saw until after 9:00, which was just... inexplicable. I wanted to go over with my chain saw, cut down a huge 60' oak tree and be like, “THAT is what a chain saw is for. You want to borrow some clippers and be quiet now while I’m trying to get my kids to sleep?” But you know, civility, etc.

In semi-car-related news, I am flabbergasted by a friend with a mechanical issue. He’s got an older carb’d 351 in a 90's boat, and he loaned it to a friend of his. It was running great. The friend ran the boat out of fuel. He put fresh fuel in, but the boat wouldn’t run right. The owner of the boat, my friend, has since changed just about every electrical part in the ignition system, BUT SOMEHOW STILL DOESN’T BELIEVE ME THAT IS IS A FUEL PROBLEM. I mean, it ran great, ran out of gas, ran like crap after. How could that NOT be fuel related? But now, of course, he’s changed a bunch of other stuff, so it could be something else too, if the point gap isn’t just right, or something like that. So... I give up on that one.

Diagnose your problems BEFORE throwing parts at it, people!

And this weekend looks to be a good one, hanging around the house, doing chores, etc tomorrow and then lake/boat on Sunday. Should be good. We haven’t had a quiet weekend as a family since before the 4th. Our new shed is done so I’m sure I’ll be working on organizing that, getting yard tools hanging up, finding places for all the crap that’s been scattered in the yard, basement, and other random places for the last 10 years.


I guess I don’t have pics of the shed, they’re on my phone which is in the tent. Another time then.

Have a great weekend, Oppo. Cheers. I’m gonna let my eyes adjust to the dark and look for shooting stars before going back in the tent.