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Couple weeks ago my stripper 97 ranger started doing funny things when I stepped on the brakes. I sheepishly admit I bought this truck as a once or twice a week trip to the big box stores vehicle. Minimal investment and didn’t want to put time or money into it.


Anyway I had too much to do to start tearing into it (until today), but I spent a lot of time think about the jerky jerky thumpa bumpa I was getting all the time, but worse when I stepped on the brakes.

Broken or very loose spring or bushing?, wheel bearing? u-joint? brakes? rear drums? I decided rear brakes were likely culprit. Boy was I right, linings worn down and one even separated from the drum.


I have done a lot of brake jobs, the Ranger is a royal PITA with not only adjusters, but parking brake cables and fittings all over the place.

Anyway, kids, don’t be like me, if you buy an old car or truck do some basic maint. checks like brake pad and drum wear before you put too many miles on it.

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