The Infiniti passed MD state inspection today!

Though, there were some hurdles. In the previous inspection attempt, it listed the brake rotors as needing turned or replaced. Turning wasn't enough, so we had to get them replaced altogether. Also needed an alignment, and a little more work on the front inner tie rod end. Altogether, about an extra $300 we didn't plan on spending, that we had allocated towards our daughter's birthday next month, but hey, life happens, and we got it passed now.

We needed this done ASAP, as our blue Durango is crapping the bed, and we don't have time yet to start getting the red one fixed up and registered, so we needed something to get us around. The blue Durango technically is driveable, but the brakes are shot, the U-joints are worn out, causing it to squeal, the power steering is altogether gone, there's an engine miss that new plugs and coils won't seem to get rid of, body damage in need of attention, rust, bad muffler, and it chugs gas like no other, not to mention being a rebuilt title. It's just not safe, especially carting a near-three year old around.

The Infiniti is in far better shape right now, even with 100k more miles, especially with new brakes, tie rod end, CV boot, control arm bushing, muffler, and other various parts. I guess right about now, for cost of the car and repairs, we have $1500 into it. We paid almost $2500 for the Durango, and it would cost several hundred dollars, if not over a thousand to get it roadworthy. That's why we figured we'd cut our losses, use some parts from the blue one, and put on the red one, and then sell what's left of the blue one, and try to get out of the negative.

The good thing about the red Durango is the engine only has 50-some thousand miles on it, it needs less overall work, and should prove its worth, with the $1,000 we paid for it. The blue Durango has four tires with less than 5,000 miles on them, which we'll swap to the red one, as well as the less rusty rear hatch, and various other components.


If anybody here is in the market for a 4.7L V8 Magnum engine and matching transmission with about 151k on them, I can probably sell them to you for a good price. I may even be willing to sell what's left of the body to someone. The engines themselves fetch between $1500-$2500 depending on mileage. The transmissions you can buy for under $300. I'd probably be willing to let them go together for $1100 if you guys want in. Now, this isn't a guarantee, it's just what's possible at the moment. It all depends on what we uncover with the red one, and how much we part out the blue one, and if we sell the remains altogether or piece by piece. Anything's possible.

But either way, the Infiniti is good to go, and the red Durango should be up and running and road ready within a month! Yay!