This obnoxious little bugger is the Idle Air Control Valve off of a Honda Civic. Specifically it is the same model part that comes off of my Honda Civic. Ever since I swapped engines in my Civic three or four months ago this part has not worked right. I had no idle air control so when the car was cold it would idle too low (300-400RPM) and when I turned on the A/C the car wouldn’t idle correctly at all (nearly die, turn off the compressor, rev back up to 800, compressor switches on, car nearly dies, repeat). I tried every fix I could find: swapped valves with another car, cleaned the valve, bled my coolant system multiple times, played with ALL of the idle adjustment screws. Nothing worked. Yesterday I finally took the valve itself apart. It’s basically a chunk of metal with a shutter inside with a permanent magnet on the end of the shaft, with a completely sealed plastic controller (the black part) that screws on the end and has electromagnets in it, making the whole thing a brushless motor with 90-ish degrees of rotation. I moved the shutter back and forth a few times until the movement was much smoother and free of grit, then popped it back on the car. Voila, I now have A/C. Furthermore, I have an incredibly good A/C since the Canadian Civic didn’t come with A/C standard so this unit was several years younger than the car. It’s silly cold and I love it. Car is a lot happier now, too.