Went a-looking for S197s in the local junk yards on my lunch break and found a wrecked-ass convertible. Sadly the grille had a chunk out of it otherwise I would have quickly nabbed it up so I could have foglights. What I did find was a new center console lid with a latch that works, and this trunk plastic piece.

here’s what it looked like before

The light actually swung out when I was closing the trunk lid and got smashed. Luckily there was a new one. Paid $20 for the plastic piece and the console lid, and tomorrow I go back with $25 for one of these:


A leather-wrapped “performance package” steering wheel with aluminum spokes. It’s completely covered in dirt but the leather looks totally free of rips or nicks. It’s replacing this fugly POS


Awful rubbery one piece wheel with smooth spots worn in it and buttons that fall out. Ugh. If you grab it more than an inch from the spokes you can actually twist the rubber around the metal center fairly easily. Terribad.