So I am walking in to work two days ago and I hear a “eek” in the parking lot. Whatever, I’m early, I’ll go have a smoke. That’s not an “eek” that’s is a itty bitty meow. Where the heck are you.... Ain’t in the bushes, ain’t hiding behind between the buildings....Oh...You’re in the Toyota Camry...The engine bay of the Camry. Finally find the owners of the ‘Yota...Let’s pop the hood...Low and behold, little black kitten lost his way...I am knees on engine trying to get this booger (picks of my arm later in this tale) he won’t budge. I gotta go to work, sorry, Mister Kitten (or Misses) So I just toss some water in there, runs like Hell. I go take a delivery and I get back turns out kitten ran to another car but they got it...and it’s now in a box in my kitchen....sleeping with my cashmere scarf...Anyhow anyway...what do we do with this cat who has probably been on a 50 mile trip through the RDU area.... All eyes on me.... “What?” “Well you have cats...” Sigh.....We all know how this is gonna end.... It’s living in my bedroom until I can figure out what to do with it... It was really cold that night and I ain’t gonna let an animal freeze.... It’s still a bit scared but got cat formula milk and water and likes some wet food, poopin’ in it’s own box (keeping it away from the others for now) and warming up to me... I’m gonna end up keeping it...oy vey....


Interceptor for your time.

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