yay time to go see the quack...err doc

dis fun.. sposed to go to work in about 10 minutes but instead i get to sit on me arse for another hour to go have 2 appointments with the quacks in a row...

soooo... if the first round of waiting with the other corpses doesnt get me the second probably will.... wonder if itll be flu or something a little more exotic


anyhoo... ive had a permanent headcold for about 4 years now, and lately ive been getting random chest pains...occasional lung pains too (20 some years of smoking will do that) oh and i havent slept for more than about an hour or 2 interupted for about a month (a lot longer than that really but i’d been hiding it by knocking meself out with beer...mmm sweet oblivion)

anyhoo my moods are getting pretty eratic...


figured maybe its time to get some medication...or some shit

if this is my last post ive probably gone to jail for murdering a doctor who told me to stop smoking and come back in a few weeks to see how i feel

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