I am visiting a friend in leadville for my vaca and oh man has it been interesting. Day one involved blowin out a tire in the middle of nowhere utah. Literally did not see a single car or building for the 30 miles through the whole road. Finally limped about 120 miles on my spare and got a new one. 10 miles outside leadville I got pulled over basically twice. He had me at 86 in a 55 and 63 in a 40. Luckily he let me go after no hassle. Really shocked at that.

I went snowboarding yesterday at Loveland where I saw a Mercedes test mule and a couple others that may have been ford sedans? I got a picture o he merc but I'm on mobile and it doesn't seem to want to upload.

I also saw a gray lamborghini diablo sv or vt? It had the twin roof scoops and was mean looking