Yesterday I was asking y’all on ideas for a Oppo app, as sort of a summer project.


Then to day in stats class, we learned, whatever the hell this is.

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So I think I’ll try to make something that can do this, with x amount of variables, cars, etc. And it’ll tell you which is the best by your own criteria. (It’ll just ask a short questionnaire, about how preferable A is to C in X category)

I’ll also work on CBs idea, of a program that grabs a random car from Kijij/CL, but I’ll have it weigh cars by Oppo criteria. ie, manual, RWD or AWD, European, hatchback/wagon, old, “Ran when parked” etc. So that it won’t just give you old commuter cars all the time.


That also gave me an idea for one that searches CL descriptions and finds the one with the most “I know what I have!” etc.

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