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"Yeah, but how in hell are you gonna write a short story about GT3 cars on a fictional circuit, huh, smart guy?"

I have no idea, really. And I feel like I’m about to make the same mistake Zack Snyder fundamentally makes: focusing on “moments”, not “scenes”.


OK, let me explain by vomiting the base idea in my head:

Circuit of Perth basic line drawing. Clockwise, 20 corners.
Length: 5980 meters.
Illustration: author, done in Paint

That is Circuit of Perth: long, undulating, rolling along the artificial contours this layout is set on for a jaw-dropping 108m of elevation change. It’s the concluding round of the Australian GT Championship, and we are down to the final fifteen minutes of hard racing. In the battle for the lead, a Nissan GT-R GT3 is fighting a Ferrari 488 GT3, while 1.7 seconds back, a whole gaggle of cars go three-by-three: Audi R8 LMS, Mercedes-AMG GT3, Cadillac ATS-V.R, Bentley Continental GT3, Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo, McLaren 720S GT3, Glickenhaus SCG004C, Honda NSX GT3 Evo and a Porsche 991.1 GT3 (the smiley one).

While I have the actual racing in my head now, my problem is finding a point to the story and how to write it. I could do a news report/recap-style story, but it’s dry and not worth a second look, though simple enough to build upon. The complexity comes in the character level. Who to focus, which group comprises the “A-plot” and which is the “B-plot”, and how will both of them come together. I can’t just be stuck machine-gun-typing down “moments” of a race: I need scenes that both flesh out character and advance the plot (someone’s gonna want to win).


Right now, I’m thinking the Nissan/Ferrari fight is for the race win, while the back nine is for championship points (teams and drivers). The two at the front constantly trade paint; the back nine keep trying to overtake each other. At the end, however, there will be a victor, a crash, some maneuvers laced with anime-like internal monologue, and equal measures of jubilant redemption and bitter concession. How do I best go about writing that, though?

Yes, this is now officially a writers’ room thread. Help me along as I do something that is technically part of my course but not actually coursework this week (they’re all done, don’t worry).

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