Yeah I am pretty sure I live in the desert

I was curious so I looked into how much it has rained this summer in my town of Woodland Hills, CA. Yeah it is Socal so it pretty much “never rains”. I always thought this was an exaggeration and maybe it just rains so infrequently that people jokingly say that. Having now lived through my first summer here, I am thoroughly convinced that I live in a desert where rain is just some mythical creature that sleeps for 8 months out of the year. Seriously, it has rained 0.00 inches since April 20th! And it had only rained 0.02 inches on April 19th, otherwise that streak would have been all the way back to March 23rd. Here see some of the data because I love looking at data:

March was pretty rainy, above average actually. But then it became dry as all hell.


April had that tiny bit of rain.

And then literally every month after looked empty. May through September all read 0.00.


Now you may call me silly because of course Socal is the desert but its still perplexing to me because there is lots of plant life compared to like your typical vision of an empty desert with sand dunes and shit. And all of this important right now though because its supposed to rain SIGNIFICANTLY on Wednesday this week. Thunderstorms and shit and the temps will drop a good 20 degrees afterwards, so its definitely a serious weather pattern coming through.

Today I will be getting my snow tires installed on the Subaru. No time to screw around with roads that have that much oil in them from never being washed away. It will be a slip and slide on the commute and I will be leaving early so that I am not stuck in the mess. The canyons will be rock/mud slide bonanza so I will be dreading the highway commute. Will have to post my dash cam footage of the dumb people who spin out into the median.

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