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Yeah, it's the onions. Blame the onions.

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And then there was dinner. The usual al pastor and barbacoa. What can I say - I know what I like.


I went and visited my friend in hospice today. It’s a very nice facility, but I wish I didn’t have to go there. She’s being well cared for, and I hope that when I pass on it will be somewhere that pleasant.

She was heavily sedated and unconscious, and apparently has been like this for the last few days. She seemed to be having some trouble breathing, but I guess that shouldn’t come as any surprise. It looked like she’s lost a bit of weight as well, but once again, no surprise. That staff said that she was quite a spitfire when she first got there but has faded in the last few days.


I held her hand and said my thanks, not knowing if she could hear me or sense that I was there, but I’d like to think so. She’s had a rough life, some of it self-inflicted, but I just want her to be happy at the end, knowing she was a positive influence on a number of people. There’s not much left to do at this point except to wait for word of the inevitable. I am just grateful that her ordeal is almost over and that she didn’t have an extended period of pain and suffering. A similar thing happened with my favorite grandmother, although in her case it was about two weeks from diagnosis to her passing. Best just to get it over with...

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