Recently, on LS1Tech, an interesting topic came to light. When discussing the brand new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, one user described it as "a dream car", to which another user replied "you have some pretty sad dreams if your final objective is a 55k Corvette".
Let's be honest here. Many of us will never get to own our dream cars. Most of us will never get to afford cars worth hundreds of thousands, or sometimes millions, of dollars. It's just too unreal. The reckoning that we'll never be able to complete our lust for our favourite four-wheeled motorized object isn't exactly a happy thing. To many people, I believe it might feel like a permanent and terminal defeat. Therefore, a Corvette (or even something way cheaper like an MR2 or a DS) could classify as a fair dream car. A car we could buy, hoon, wrench on, and feel great about ourselves with because we've reached an important goal in a gearhead's life.
On the other side, satisfaction is the death of desire. Being easily able to buy our dream car isn't much of an incentive for future life ventures. A million dollar dream car, while being an unicorn for sure, can motivate many to reach great lengths. As unethical to some as it might be, the unrealistic character of a dream car might be the secondary intent that fuels many a successful career.
So Oppo, what do you think? Should dream cars be affordable vehicles we could own and feel fulfilled about, or expensive unicorns that will inspire us even if we never own them?