I don’t know the official numbers, and we’re nowhere near Houston-level flooding, but it’s ugly.

Tornado passed a few miles from me as I hid at a Subway on my way back from checking out an old 4Runner. Been an Oppo kinda day.


The arrow below? Points to the roof of a car. There’s also an SUV flooded out, hidden from view.

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After detouring a couple of times I found a way home, although several other cars turned away from this route too. Sometimes (well, nearly all the time) I really, really like having my Jeep.


And the 4Runner? The frame is in great shape, considering the age and mileage. Not so sure about the rest of it, though. Shocks are shot, the engine has no power getting started from a stop (I suspect fuel injection problems but definitely not my area of expertise). I might have my mechanic check it out next week but I’m thinking I’ll go see about this Liberty instead.

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