It’s true and will be forever as far as I’m concerned. I spent Christmas with the family and thus spent a lot of time driving my parents’ cars. They have good cars, an Audi A5 Sportback and a BMW 4-series Coupe (440i? BMW numbers are an enigma). Both almost new. And both had automatics that I hated. My mother’s BMW was a little better, but it has the X-Drive and that sucks a lot of the fun out of that car. Everyone says, “oh, new automatics can shift so much faster than a human.” Which may be true, but they can’t make decisions faster than I can. You still step on the gas and the car has to take a moment to decide what the hell it wants to do. Fuck that and fuck having only two pedals. I arrived home, got in my 6 speed stick C30, and suddenly I was driving again. Hell, my 36 horsepower Citroën gives me more driving enjoyment than those non-stick German cars.