Year of The Comeback

Dear Oppo,

I’ve had a shitty* run of things for the last 3 years, friends.

That ends now. 2017 is The Year of The Comeback.

>Got my licence back after 3 years

>Bought an ‘07 Grand Cherokee (props to my awesome Grandpa)

>Been killing it at work

>Air is sweet

>Beautiful ladies everywhere

>Going to see Dead and Co. in Atlanta in two weeks

>New job in the near future

My horizons are bursting with new-found potential. The world is a beautiful place!

*Full disclosure; I can’t really complain. I’ve had a roof, a bed, food, running water, electricity, A/C, internet access, and a lot of other great stuff this whole time. What is life, though, if you aren’t enjoying it?


Post some comeback songs please!

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