What a lovely photograph. Or maybe not, if you’re one of those people who hates bright colors, overweight ‘Merican cars, and/or donorcycles. If it’s the latter, you’ll definitely enjoy this post.

I took this picture today, after over three weeks of having one or both in the shop, a far cry from the no-fuss reputations these two brands have. For all the times I’ve giggled with a bit of schadenfreude at my friends with BMWs/Audis/Jags/Ducatis/Moto Guzzis spending more time in the garage or shop than on the road, it was my turn.

June 7th: With the Michigan roads being boring at best and surface of the moon at worst, I rarely ride on the street. Track day, bro! But the weather looked nice, and I’d just adjusted the suspension, so I rode the bike in to work on a Tuesday. On my way home, I stopped for gas, and when I went to restart? The ominous clicking of a dead battery. Ughhhhhhh. I just got a new one when I bought the thing in March... wtf? I had track time scheduled for the 18th, so rather than waste time with my shoddy mechanic skills, and needing new tires mounted anyway, I took it in to the shop. And so the wait began.

June 11th, day 5: Some friends and I were down in Louisville for US Strongman Nationals to cheer on our friends who’d qualified. Through the din of the crowd and the grunts of the competitors, my phone rang. The tech reported that my stator was “fried,” and also the dealership I’d bought it from had blown the fork seals when they shipped it to me back in March. Great. I’d noticed some spots in my garage, but wasn’t sure if it was from the usual post-shipment excess. Totally what I get for buying it offseason, still too much snow on the ground to get an adequate test drive or ride it home. Now we waited for parts.

June 12th, day 6: I was driving north from Louisville on I75 when suddenly (Flashback to last August) the Camaro’s tach started dropping. The engine had cut out without warning and so I coasted to the shoulder, in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. I still had power steering, and when I tried to restart, it would crank but wouldn’t turn over. After convincing OnStar that yes, with less than 13k miles on the clock and barely a year of ownership I still had roadside service, I waited in the 90+ degree heat waiting for a tow to the local Chevy dealer. OnStar had offered me a hotel room and a rental car the next day (all the rental locations were already closed by that time on a Sunday), but I had to get to work on Monday. Luckily my fiancé was at home and made the 3-hour trip to pick me up, while my car sat with an unknown affliction at an unknown dealership and I drowned my sorrows at the local bar.


The Immobile Hulk in transit. The guys from the towing company must not see too many 1LEs, and were sending snaps with it

And now, with both yellow vehicles in the shop, we waited again.

June 15th, day 9: I received a call from the dealership in Ohio. It was the fuel tank sensors. The right and left side sensors were installed on the wrong sides, and one was fouled. My car had run out of gas while still reading 1/8th tank remaining.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

GM replaced both sensors under warranty and had the car towed to my driveway by June 17th, day 11.


June 18th, day 12: My track day at Gingerman came and went with the R6 still sitting in the shop awaiting the stator. ಥ_ಥ


June 28th, day 22: FINALLY the damn thing was done. Which I would’ve known, had the shop actually left me a message instead of calling and hanging up. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

June 29th, today: After 23 days apart, my cursed and obnoxiously yellow twins are parked next to one another once more. Without further ado, my first track day on the R6 is now this Saturday.


About damn time.