I decided to try out a yellow bulb in the fog light, but I’m not sure I’m sold on it.

I picked up some of these mad-tyte yellow bulbs, for that hella cool JDM look. No wait, I meant vintage look because everybody used to know fog lights had to be yellow or use yellow bulbs. Because reasons. France used to mandate all headlights use yellow bulbs, so it’s really more of a FDM look than JDM (why yellow bulbs are associated with Japan at all...


The bulb that was in the Lumax fog light was an old style H1 bulb, that I’m not even sure anybody makes anymore. It looks pretty cool though. In went the hella JDM yellow bulb.

Stock “white” bulb ^^^^ Yellow bulb VVV


It’s def more yellow and vintagey looking. But here’s why I’m not sold on it: it seems the beam focus is off now, the cut-off is fuzzier than it was with the old bulb, and I had to re-aim the lamp slight downward. Predictably it also looks a bit dimmer on the road.

Low beams only.


Low beams and fog beam.

Fog only.


Fog only with original bulb (exposure time not the same, so the difference is exaggerated, but you get the idea).

HMMM. I don’t know if I like the vintage look more than usability. At the time most fog lights would have used dyed in the mass yellow glass instead of yellow bulbs, yellow bulbs being more of a headlight thing. Indeed, Lumax offered this same model lamp with yellow glass. I don’t know if yellow glass/clear bulb would necessarily result in a brighter beam though. Nor can I rule out that maybe the difference in brightness is related to the focus of the bulb being somewhat different. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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