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The header image (same one I am using ) is from Bradley Brownell’s recent post on Jalopnick showing a NASCAR wheel with 5 lugs using what I thought was yellow thread locker. As it turns out that is a widely available 3M Yellow Weather-stripping adhesive ($10 a tube).

Illustration for article titled Yellow Threadlocker

From a quick search online they glue the lugs to the wheel before the race and when they mount the rim during the race the adhesive stretches enough to let the stud protrude while I guess keeping it centered so they can be quickly tightened. I always thought they had some sort of captured nut system.

I guess it is a fine balance between too little and too much. The Virginian Pilot had an interesting article in 2009 about how a rule change extended the wheel studs by 1/4" causing pit issues when the glue stretched too far.

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