Yep, insurance won't cover the new windshield…

Also, Safelite insisted that only colored "blue" top-rimmed windshields exist for the NA Miata. I'm tall, and that blue is not going to work for me. I had safelite replace the windshield in my previous Miata a few years ago, and they were able to bring a clear one. What gives? Also, they want to charge me $300 for the install.

Anyone know a good place to get a clear windscreen installed in a Miata in Los Angeles? Preferably for under $300?

Given how little it rains here, I should just go without the windscreen and wear some goggles. Weight savings, bro.

EDIT- Found a place 15 minutes away that'll do it tomorrow (wow!) for 140+tax. Fingers crossed that they'll do good enough work.


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