So the other day I broke up with my girlfriend because I felt like she never wanted to do anything anymore and we hardly even talked. I'm not too beat up about it and neither was she really. But I just felt like being in the relationship was doing me more harm than good and it was starting to feel like I was being used.

However today I was talking with a friend at the college library and then I saw who must of been the most beautiful woman in the the world! She was short, brownheaded, had beautiful blue eyes, and in general was outrageously cute. However I went back to talking to my friend and after 20 or so minutes I mentioned how pretty she was to him, he shruged told me that she wasn't much of his type, but that he caught her looking at me several times. So needless to say I was overjoyed amd wanted to talk with her, however she was with a group of people, that's when my friend mentioned that on Fridays, she's usually alone reading. So I have decided that friday I'll go talk to her and if everything goes well maybe ask her if she wants to grab lunch!

(P.S. I was also busying reading the first two Spice and Wolf one sitting.)