Naturally as a car guy I like to watch racing and listen to the sound of those beautiful handcrafted racing engines on my TV. But here is my dilemma, I have never really been able to get into any of the motor sports offered. NASCAR can be fun to watch in person and on TV but the oval gets a little boring after a while. Formula 1 has A LOT of regulations. Furthermore they artificially try to make the cars more competitive with DRS zones and a limited amount of KERS usage. Finally I cannot stand the constant wins by Vettel. He is a good driver but the concept of racing is nonexistent with him in the lead. I would love to try and find a good motor sport to watch for fun and to follow. So my question is this, is Indycar worth watching? Is it competitive, exciting, and entertaining? I'd love to get into the sport if it is good so what is your guys opinion?

TLDR: Is Indycar entertaining and fun to watch?