In case you haven’t heard, testing for the blancpain GT3 championships has begun and the field is incredibly stacked.

Note: photos are taken from the Nismo Flickr page.


No less than 50 cars with several teams announcing multi car programmes are present at the test, but there is only one for which I am interested.

That of course being the RJN Nissan team, this year contesting only the Endurance cup. 2017 will be a debut year for the revised R35 GTR GT3 and RJN is now able to run two cars for the full season thanks to the last minute sponsorship of Motul Japan. The lubricants company has had a long standing relationship with Nissan and now expands it’s title sponsorship to several of Nissan’s teams on Super GT, Australian supercars and now the Blancpain endurance championship.

Just listen to the onboard video from the test and be amaze.

Edit: It seems Nismo TV has taken down their video, so I uploaded a mirror.

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