My lady drives an e30 which has been taken care of by her father. Before purchasing the convertible, he owned a 4 door e30. It has since been sold, and this is what remains of his collection. The dash is not cracked, the convertible top has not yellowed, and the chassis has no sign of rusting.

I have had the pleasure of taking Rosey to our local cars and coffee. Driving her was a surreal experience - at nearly every stoplight I was asked what year the car was, and was told stories of previous ownership from other e30 enthusiasts. I regularly go to car shows, and there are times when, even after I step out of my own car, I am recognized as the guy who showed up in the e30.

The car will soon go up for sale and passed on, hopefully, to another caretaker. I have no garage space for the car, but am thankful for the times I have had in it. If anyone in the Indiana area is looking for a very well taken care of e30, please let me know. I would love to know that Rosey had been passed on to a caring owner.