So I had originally been considering 2nd generation GS400s and 2nd generation g35 sedans, but now finding out that the infiniti may have rust issues down the road, I am not really pursuing them as much. The GS400 is still high on my list, but lack of availability in my area is a downer, and I need to buy quick.

Just randomly found this. Good god thats sexy.

I also looked at some 3rd generation TLs, but I am not sure if they completely solved all transmission issues after the 2nd generation. I have heard that early 3rd gens, which are the ones in my price range, can still have A/T issues. Best solution would be to find one with a stick, buuuuut thats impossible.

Of course I looked at IS300s as well, but lack of availability and a ton of riced out/salvage title examples is overwhelming.

Spoiler lip is essential to making the rear not look overly tall.

So now I am looking at a lot of first generation TSXes, which are rock solid reliable and overall good cars but a little slow. And I always really resented them because they look so much like the 3rd gen TL but just significantly worse. I have learned to hold it in its own merit though and I actually think its a decent looking, handsome little car.


Little ricey but that color and those dual tips look great.

Definitely a car I would have to put a couple mods into before I fall in love, but that’s half the fun.