This is a trick question, mostly because the answer is “I don’t know.” The reason I don’t know is because, as I’m sure you’ll figure out very quickly, these tracks that I’m on are still considered roads. I guess the real question is, “Can you go up a muddy/grassy farm track right after it rained in an Audi A8L?” But that sounds dumb, and so, the above headline. Quite frankly, I’m impressed at how well the car performed. Farm tracks like this are meant to be transversed by John Deeres and old pickups. An A8 is meant to cruise on the Autobahn or shuttle old businesspeople to the golf course. They shouldn’t mix. This is particularly true given that the A8 in question was not blessed with air suspension to raise it up, or off-roady tires. As it turns out, low clearance and all-seasons were enough as long as I watched where I was going. My passengers and the owner of the land were all quite surprised that I made it through these paths without issue. This is because they’re not familiar with the magic of Quattro I got very lucky and was very careful. Was it fun? You bet. And while it can’t truly be considered off-roading, I’d wager it’s more muck than most SUVs, and definitely most luxury cars, will ever see.