Yes, I am pissed off enough to start swinging a cactus at a burning car right now

So last week I dropped my FoRS off for the headgasket TSB. They called me up Tuesday and said it was ready. Two hours later they called me back saying after a test drive it threw a CEL, so don’t bother coming to pick it up. This morning they called to say it was ready so I picked it up at lunch time. It cranked for a long time before starting, but it basically hadn’t been driven in a week. Idled a little rough too, but they had the head off, probably had the battery unhooked and the ECU maybe needs to do some learning. It seemed to run and drive fine, but had a slightly rough idle. So I got lunch, ran a couple errands and headed back to work. On the way I stopped at the post office, and when I went to turn the car off it started back up on me. WTF???? Turns out it had stalled. Get back out of the post office and start it up. Idle is low and rough, and after a few seconds it stalled. Fuck. Restart it and the CEL is on and FUCK!!!! Drive it the mile back to work and it stalls at one stop sign, but I keep it revved to avoid stalling at another stop sign. Stop at work and it stalls. Before I was in the driveway at work I was on the phone with the dealer. Send a flat bed to pick it up, and get it here within the hour because I have to leave. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKITYFUCKINGFUCK!!!!!!! Turns out my FoRS isn’t the only thing with a fucked up head gasket at the moment.

TL;DR The 9 hours (according to Ford) test and replace head gasket has taken my local dealer a week and a half and my car doesn’t run.


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