My wishlist for when I get a B5 S4 is now at around $10,000 including labor.

I’d like for around 400 horsepower at around $15,000 for everything. Give or take a bit.

As of right now, the plan has several stages.

1. Wheels and suspension ($2,000), skid plate, boost gauge, cosmetic fixes

2. Borla exhaust ($1,000 or so), short shifter and radio

3. Pull the engine. Frankenturbo F21s, Rs4 clutch, new alternator, new accessory belt, new timing belt, new coolant reservoir, new diff fluid, new fuel filter, new alternator, new all the other fluids, Forge Diverter valve and a bunch of other stuff. This is a very expensive step, but it’s best to do all this shit while the engine is pulled.

4. Tune

5. Enjoy my dream car

Pictured: A sexymobile from Audizine