Attention NJ, NY, and PA opponauts! Im going to set a day. It seems from initial commenting a sunday, preferably the 17th, seems to be the best option. The closest park is "Elks Brox Memorial Park", and im going to look into this further to see if parking, bathrooms, grill, etc, are available.…

Ill also need to find out if there would be anything happening up at that park that day which might preclude us from meeting there.

But what does everyone else think of this?

Also, give me some times that would work for everyone.

12pm/1pm/2pm/3pm ???

This time would be the Meetup time. If everyone wants to meet directly at the park, thats fine. However, Im open to meeting outside this area, and then cruise in from there (like a major exit, or mall, or something)


Keep in mind, we want to leave enough day light to cook.

Im gonna make a list, just to get an idea of the people who are yes and maybe's.

Yes (interested)

-offroadkarter-Sean Bartlett
-pilaf (ill take 'probably' as a yes haha)
-Aaron Brown
-Mathias Rios


The 'Maybe' Pile...


the list does not include extra people anyone may bring along. Since a few of you said you might bring a few other people. Please do! More is good.


Also, nothing is permanently set in stone yet, but i got enough interest to warrant actually progressing with the next steps. So the more people who chime in to let me know they are coming, the guarantee of this meet happening will get much more certain.