I finally found the correct badges for my car! I had bought a set off eBay that said they were correct, but they were really for the sedan. As a reminder, the set for the IS300 sedan are significantly larger (7" footprint) than for the Sportcross (5" footprint) and I haven’t been able to get over it. But to be fair: shame on me. I did not verify the OEM part numbers prior to purchasing. This time around, I was not going to make the same mistake.

Remember, they sold only 3,000 or so of these cars and no other model sold in the US used these exact badges, so finding them has a huge pain in the ass. I could have ordered them new from LexusPartsNow for... $85.02


This eBay seller has a 100% rating, posted the part number, AND included photos of the measurements ANNNNND also included photos of before he took them off the hatch, which I will be using as a template for when I put them on!

Will anyone notice? Probably not in the wild, except for all of you will be forced to see the difference in the inevitable follow-up post. Will I notice? Well you bet your candy ass I did, I have, and I will.


Funny... I was just weighing the pros and cons of keeping the car and then I went and blew some money on it anyway. Oh well!

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