I've been reading a fair bit lately about the hatred towards the pending double points rule in the 2014 F1 season. In the interests of fair debate (and because I'm a fence sitting asshat), I thought I would offer the counter points. Feel free to hate away in the comments.

Why double points should be in the last 3 races of the season.

There is no question that Formula 1 needs a shake up. 2013 has been often called the most boring season in many years. I present 3 reasons why the rules should change:

1) Red Bull Racing


Over the last 4 years we've seen the Austrian fizzy drink company absolutely dominate the competition. From their genius team principal Christian Horner, to the Technical Alchemist that is Adrian Newey, to what could be the greatest F1 driver of our generation, right down to the fastest pit crew in the world, RBR are unstoppable. By the time we get to the US race in November there is a statisical probability that they will be in front of both the Drivers and Constructors Championships. At this point the double points are either going to cement their 2014 victory, or allow someone like Ferrari to catch up quickly. If the former happens, it was already a dreary season. If its the latter, that could be quite entertaining.

At the very least, it will be a change from what we've seen.

2) More viewers, more money. Not just for Bernie


Considering that Ecclestone has made billions from television rights, it is not surprising to note that this new rule could easily raise view numbers for the back end of the season - Abu Dhabi in particular. However this is not necessarily a bad thing. Struggling teams like Lotus & Caterham need the Concorde Agreement to fund their teams. More ratings, more money in TV rights, ergo more money to the Formula One Teams Association.

In the end, having these smaller teams makes things more entertaining (even if only for the first corner shenanigans)

3) Push Push Push


Mark Webber has said on a number of occasions that F1 drivers rarely push the limits on themselves or their cars. Between degradation of tyres, team orders and engine conservation, most drivers only really push it to the limit 10-15% of the race. Now imagine if its the last 20 laps of Interlagos. It is raining, and in any other season both the team managers and drivers would just focus on getting across the line. However if 50 points are up for grabs I can imagine a number of drivers will suddenly find their team radios not working and throw everything they have into it.

This is when we may start to see real racing again.